Gull seeks submissions of minimal poetry, prose, and occasional artwork that reflect its overall ethos.

Some key terms that are reflected in the work Gull features include (in no particular order) locality, ecocentrism, ecology, knowledge, understanding, environment, bioregion, place, kinship, care, respect, passion, marvel, clarity, precision, earthiness, rootedness, connectedness.

Work should focus on the non-human world as it exists in a place that is familiar to the author, especially the place which they call home (your garden, your town, your countryside, your region, a focus on locality). This does not mean that the human world should not be present in the writing, but that when it does appear it should do so on the understanding that it is part of an ecological totality that exceeds it.

Work needs to be minimal in scale and must be able to fit the print edition's layout. Each "page" of the print edition is 1/8th of an A4 sheet in size.  If in any doubt as to whether your work will fit, please send your submission for the editor to consider. In general: prose should be under 150 words in length, poetry no more than twelve short lines (usually four or five words to a line). Exceptions may be made at the editor's discretion. Any artwork should be suitable for small scale presentation in black and white.

All kinds of experimental minimal poetry and prose are welcomed. Haiku and related kinds of poetry are also occasionally accepted.

Before submitting, please familiarise yourself with previous issues (they are short so this won't take long!), and read the 'about' page to get a better sense of the kind of work we are likely to accept.

Submissions should include "submission" in the subject line of the email.

If your submission has special formatting, please send it in a .doc or .pdf attachment.

Submissions are by email only, unless specially arranged.

Send submissions to: info [at]